Work in Style Scrubs, Tunics and Dresses

Work in Style Scrubs, Tunics, Trousers and more
Available in a wide choice of sizes and colours to suit many applications across all healthcare professions
Through the experience of supplying the NHS with medical uniforms for over 70 years, we have developed our current scrubs collection to meet the needs of real healthcare professionals. The result is a great-looking, durable range of scrub tops and scrub trousers that offer real quality, style and practicality as well as exceptional value for all healthcare professionals.
Stylish and hard-wearing, Work in Style scrubs and tunics are expertly manufactured in lightweight but hard-wearing fabrics that are comfortable and stylish but light enough to allow you to move naturally. Designed to be washed on high-temperature cycles and for industrial laundry cleaning, our scrubs are the perfect choice for demanding healthcare applications, from all hospital staff in clinical roles, including nursing and theatre staff, through to dentists and vets.
Choose your unisex tunics, trousers & scrubs from a variety of coordinating colours online now or contact us for made-to-order options.